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Thriving at work while bringing up a family isn’t easy — and that’s before you factor in the enormous disruption and anxiety caused by the recent pandemic. Parent Scheme helps working parents to manage the balance by providing them with comprehensive, trustworthy advice that gets to the heart of their challenges and dilemmas. We do this through relevant, expert-led coaching and a ground-breaking, multi-content platform that’s modern, inclusive and engaging — and that is being constantly updated for the post-COVID workplace.

The commercial case for partnering with us includes greater employee wellbeing, increased job satisfaction and performance, employer branding, and support for gender pay gap initiatives — including retention after parental leave.

Livestream sessions

Our livestream sessions are designed to engage with topical issues impacting working parents. From the common challenges of navigating the parental leave years to the pandemic no one saw coming. They’re led by accredited career coaches, medical professionals and educational and clinical psychologists, with the option to ask the expert direct questions via chat features.

Sessions include supporting children with change, helping teenagers with their wellbeing, managing as a dual career couple, remote working with children and mental health as a working parent. We have a targeted series on managing parental leave from navigating time away from work through to the big return and livestreams for managers and HR teams looking to understand the issues working parents are handling and what effective support may look like.

Content platform

Our platform is purpose-designed and expert-led to cover all aspects of working parenthood, from childcare and parental leave through to career development, dual-career couples and wellbeing. The length of articles, coaching-based approach, choice of topics and video content have all been carefully arranged to engage the current and upcoming generation of working parents. The design style and tone back this up. They provide parents with readable, user-friendly support that is both commercially realistic and makes no assumptions about their individual choices for managing this phase of their career. The platform can be accessed 24/7, on any device. The pandemic has created specific issues for working parents and all of these are covered in-depth. The managers section provides support and advice for leaders as they manage and develop the current generation of working parents – and the key challenges they face in the digital age.

Small group coaching

Parent Scheme also runs virtual small group coaching sessions on a range of topical working parent issues. Employees are invited to bring a significant other if they would like to. They are facilitated by experts and cover a range of topics that are especially relevant to working parenthood. These include managing as a dual career couple, career development, wellbeing, and handling parental leave well. During the pandemic we added remote working with children, supporting teens with their mental health and helping children with change and transition.

Access to Parent Scheme experts

For more personalised support, we also offer individual sessions led by professional experts in particular fields. These include accredited career coaches, clinical and educational psychologists, obstetricians and medical professionals. They are designed to deliver tailored support when it’s needed, from support over parental leave to career management and family wellbeing.

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