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About us

Parent Scheme partners with employers to help them develop current and future working parents. It recognises the challenges involved in managing dual careers, supporting agile working patterns and maintaining wellbeing, without making any assumptions about paths to parenthood or parenting choices.

Platform & app

Our Parent Scheme platform and app provides simple, easy-to-read resources for your working parents and those considering this life phase. It’s delivered in a graphic style that has been carefully chosen to appeal to all – regardless of sex, ethnicity or personal circumstances. It covers everything from financial planning and shared parental leave through to career development, childcare and wellbeing. It offers personalised features and warm interactive coaching questions to guide your employees through the whole working parent lifecycle.


Parent Scheme offers built-in intervention opportunities to help your employees to learn and grow in their careers. Choose from short, high-impact sessions lasting 60 minutes, or half-day courses with more time for interaction and application. Our sessions are particularly suited to employees who work in fast-paced environments. They are specifically designed to help career progression, improve retention after leave and support gender pay gap initiatives. They will also help you to raise awareness of burnout risks and support employee wellbeing.


Parent Scheme partners with employers to build a coaching programme that delivers the best value for their people and organisational culture. We offer:
  • One off sessions to introduce the platform and app
  • Ongoing coaching for employee-led priorities
  • The opportunity to include partners or key others as appropriate
  • A direct-booking system through the Parent Scheme platform


Help your leaders manage and develop the current generation of working parents, addressing the key challenges they face in the digital age. Our development interventions are designed and delivered in collaboration with you. They are drawn from data on how your employees are using the platform, to ensure they meet the exact needs and context of your people.

Childcare support

At Parent Scheme we engage with the challenges modern families face when it comes to childcare and offer practical support and solutions. We deliver training on effective childcare choices, dealing with childcare failures, managing the settling-in period and coping with childcare transitions. We also offer support on the issues raised with childcare due to work travel and being part of a dual career couple. If your organisation already offers a range of childcare benefits, we will work with you to complement them as appropriate.

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