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The coronavirus outbreak is impacting all of our lives in unexpected and challenging ways. Households and businesses are having to deal with a lot of new questions — and handle a degree of uncertainty that seems likely to continue for some time.

HR teams

HR teams are transitioning entire workforces to remote working, while also providing guidance as employees change roles, cope with financial uncertainty, and handle illness that may or may not be related to coronavirus. We support HR teams in setting a strategy in the short and longer term, leveraging existing experience and support, supporting employees with childcare, and managing wellbeing.
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Line managers are working out what it looks like to offer genuine support whilst also promoting professionalism and continued performance. They are also handling their own personal responsibilities in fast-changing business circumstances. We provide thoughtful resources and tailored training to help line managers offer support that makes a difference.
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Working parents

Working parents are dealing with lockdowns and school and nursery closures, which are raising huge challenges around how to balance family responsibilities with work and earning. Many are also worried about struggling teenagers and vulnerable relatives. Our resources, training and coaching provide access to accurate and up-to-date information and support employees with strategic planning and handling questions.
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