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Engaging and inclusive support for the current generation of working parents

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What we do

Parent Scheme is a content and coaching platform that helps working parents to realise their career potential and manage this life phase in the way that works for their family.

Key benefits

Helping you develop your employee value proposition.


Complements your work on increasing retention and building engagement with working parents.


Uses a unique graphic style designed to appeal to every type of parent.


Promotes your organisation’s culture by adapting to your needs.


Provides simple, user-friendly content that’s a pleasure to read.


Prioritises employee wellbeing and reduces burnout.


Supports inclusion, employer branding and tackling the gender pay gap.

How it works

What users are saying

I loved the tone - totally non-judgemental

The dual career couple questions are awesome - exactly what we needed six months ago

I wish I had this when I first became a parent - the only support I got at work felt like more work

I’m not a parent but I found it really useful from a management perspective

I cried when I read your section on how to approach work when having fertility treatment – the words were warm, informative and just the help I needed

The security of your data is exceptionally important to us.

We respect the privacy of everyone we come into contact with, including our platform visitors and the employers and employees who use our services. The high-level reports into user patterns and usage contain no individually identifiable data.

Our team

A tight-knit team on a mission to make life better for working parents.
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