Parent Scheme

Resources for working parents

Enable your team to thrive in every stage of the working parent years

Livestream sessions

Topical presentations for large groups of employees, created and led by working parent experts.

Content platform

Innovative and engaging articles, tools and videos at the touch of a button – continually updated.

Small group coaching

Expert-led sessions by video conference, on a range of key working parent topics.

Access to Parent Scheme experts

One-to-one support, small group coaching, or organisation-specific livestreams

Key benefits

Helping you develop your employee value proposition


Complements your work on increasing retention and building engagement with working parents.


Supports diversity, employer branding and tackles the gender pay gap.


Provides simple, user-friendly content that’s a pleasure to read.


Prioritises employee wellbeing and reduces burnout.


Language and unique graphics designed to appeal to every type of parent.


Promotes your organisation’s culture by adapting to your needs.


Total privacy for all your data.

Helping employers

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